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THOMAS & FRIENDS™ JEREMY. Jeremy is a jolly jet who has a slightly inflated view of himself. Jeremy enjoys being able to do things that the Steamies can only dream of, but chooses to ignore the many things he cannot do that they can! When push comes to shove, Jeremy forgets his one-upmanship and becomes part of the team. Jeremy is an airborne Really Useful engine with wings! Jeremy is the only named plane on Sodor. Bring your Thomas and Friends train layout to life with your favorite character accessories. Each accessory is molded in high quality plastic, and makes the perfect addition to your collection.


Build your Thomas & Friends™ collection one friend at a time!




Highly Detailed Thomas and Friends Character

Great Scenery Item

Brings your Train Layout to Life

Molded in High Quality Plastic

The perfect addition to your Thomas and Friends collection

Product Measurements: L 3 in., W 4 in., H 1 in.

Retail Package Measurements: L 7.6 in., W 2.2 in., H 6.9 in.

UPC: 022899424408


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